Dental Emergencies

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Accidents happen. No matter how well you treat your teeth, you’re never entirely immune to a cracked tooth, a broken jaw, or even a severe toothache of unknown origin. If you experience any such emergency, call our Federal Way dentist immediately. Do not put any aspirin or other painkillers on the gums, as this can burn gum tissues. Clean out your mouth with warm water and put a cold compress on anything that appears to be broken or swelling.

If a permanent tooth comes out, you may be able to save the tooth if you act quickly. Handle it only by the crown when you pick it up, and never touch the roots. Rinse it off gently if necessary, but do not scrub or disinfect it so as to preserve any tissues that may still be on the root. If you can, try putting it back in the empty socket. If this isn’t possible, store the tooth in water, milk, or saliva until you can get to a dentist. Simply holding it in your mouth may suffice, but be delicate with it.

Depending on the nature and severity of your emergency, you may wish to instead go to your hospital’s emergency room. Use your discretion.

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