Familial Discord Linked to Poor Dental Health

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Nobody is immune to tooth decay. This is why our Federal Way dentistry clinic believes in striving to provide people from all walks of life with quality dental care. However, there are some households that are more at risk of poor oral health than others, regardless of their genetics or financial situation. According to a recent study conducted by New York University, individuals in troubled families have a higher risk of cavities and missing teeth.

The result of the study showed that, for every above-average statistical increase in a partner’s aggression towards a married individual, the occurrence of cavities would go up substantially. Women would have an average of 3.5 additional cavities, while men would have an average of 5.3 more. Children, meanwhile, showed an average of 1.9 more cavities for every above-average increase of emotional aggression exhibited by their mothers towards their other parent.

It would appear that domestic violence, whether verbal or physical, is conducive of bad oral hygiene. A noxious household environment undermines regular, organized routines, and this includes brushing and flossing. Additionally, people in such environments are prone towards stress eating, exposing themselves to harmful sugars for extended periods of time.

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