Is Oil Pulling the Real Deal?

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There is a recent trend emerging in dental care known as “oil pulling”. This is where tooth brushing is done away with in favor of vigorously swishing some kind of natural oil for twenty minutes, two times a day. The idea is that the oil cleans your teeth, reduce inflammation, and grant you a list of other health benefits. But is this for real, or is it another snake oil treatment? Before you throw away your own toothbrush, our Federal Way dentistry clinic has some words of caution.

There is a lot to be skeptical about when looking at oil pulling. Many of the claims attached to this practice are downright absurd, and the rest are backed up with some fairly suspect studies. It can be difficult to entirely discount the practice, of course, but it does remain clear that it is no substitute for tooth brushing.

Firstly, try swishing with oil for twenty minutes. Chances are that your jaw will be tired within the first few minutes. And, after all this, you’re still not deriving the same benefits of two minutes of conventional toothbrushing. A toothbrush is the only known way to reliably remove plaque from your teeth, and fluoride toothpaste is important for reinforcing your enamel. Therefore, think twice before replacing proven oral hygiene techniques for unproven medical fads.

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