Stress During Pregnancy Causes Tooth Decay in Children

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A recent study has indicated that the amount of stress that a pregnant mother experiences has a significant effect on the dental health of her baby.

This study, conducted by a research team from the University of Washington in Seattle, examined data taken from over seven hundred children and their mothers. They examined signs of stress exhibited by the mothers during their pregnancy, and the number of dental caries suffered by the children. The results of the study showed that children born after high-stress pregnancies were at a significantly higher risk of dental caries.

These findings are consistent with other studies, which have drawn a connection between childhood caries and low income households. This is the first time that a study has suggested that it may be the higher stress experienced by mothers in a low socioeconomic situation that is to blame.

If you are an expecting mother, do what you can to reduce your stress for the sake of your child. Later on, after he or she turns one, come in for a visit at our Federal Way dentistry clinic.

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