The Trouble with Sugar-Free Soda

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It’s old news that soda is bad for your teeth. As a high-sugar beverage, sodas are obviously a big contributor to cavities and gum disease. With that in mind, some people think that they can evade this problem by drinking only sugar-free sodas. Unfortunately, this is not the easy fix that you may think it is. Our Federal Way dentistry clinic cautions you to take just as much care with sugar-free sodas as you should with your favorite sugary beverages.

What you need to remember is that it’s not just the sugar in soda breaks down your teeth. Any drink with carbonation is highly acidic, and this acid weakens your tooth enamel. In many drinks, it’s this acid that is doing your teeth the most harm. Try minimizing this damage by following an acidic beverage with a bit of a calcium-rich drink, like milk, and stick to drinking water between meals as much as you can.

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