What Are Amalgam Tattoos?

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If you’ve ever had a dentist use amalgam on you, like in a filling, you may have noticed a spot of discoloration in your mouth. This spot might appear as a blue-gray area in your cheek or gums. Our Federal Way dentistry clinic knows these stains as amalgam tattoos.

An amalgam tattoo occurs when a bit of the amalgam used in your treatment seeps into the soft tissues of your mouth, much like tattoo ink. These marks are generally nothing to be concerned about, though they can be removed with a minor surgical procedure if the discoloration is bothersome to you.

What you need to watch out for is any changes in the discoloration area. If the patch gets larger or changes color, chances are that it is not an amalgam tattoo after all. It may in fact be a sign of oral cancer or a similar disease, which you should bring to your dentist as soon as possible.

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