Are Dental X-Rays Safe?

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X-rays are a big part of the experience at any dentist’s office. Getting regular dental x-rays is the only way to assure that you don’t have any tooth decay going on under the surface. But are they worth the risks associated with the radiation exposure? This is a common concern at our Federal Way dentistry clinic, so it’s important to us that patients have the facts they need to feel good about their dental procedures.

Fortunately, the amount of radiation you are exposed to with a modern dental x-ray machine is extremely minimal. Advances in x-ray technology allow that we are able to get a good image of your teeth quickly and efficiently; high-speed machines let us create a picture within a very short exposure period. More limited x-ray beams allow us to focus the radiation on a smaller area, so that only the area that needs to be x-rayed becomes exposed. This improved technology is paired with lead-lined aprons and periodical x-ray machine checks. In short, the little radiation you are exposed to is easily worth the benefits derived from a regular dental x-ray.

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