Are Toothpicks a Good Substitute for Floss?

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Some people like to use a good toothpick or other fancy pick-like device to get in between their teeth. If you ask our Federal Way Dentistry, however, it’s a mistake to try to use a toothpick in place of flossing.

Though toothpicks have some small value, it is a truly limited value and one that can be outweighed by the potential drawbacks. You can put them to good use in extracting an irritating piece of food from between your teeth after a meal, but there’s still a whole world of plaque down there that your pick simply cannot reach. Some people try to force the pick in far enough to get at these tough-to-reach places, which puts them at risk of grinding away at the fragile gum tissues or even leaving tiny splinters of wood behind.

So use a toothpick if you must, but never let anything take the place of your floss!

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