Bulimia vs. Your Teeth

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Bulimia is an unfortunate condition wherein an individual feels the need to vomit after eating in order to prevent the food from being absorbed and contributing to weight gain. It is obviously highly unhealthy, depriving your system of important nutrients. However, it comes with some additional drawbacks that you may not suspect. Indeed, while the bulimic individual is attempting to preserve the appearance of her body, she’s sacrificing the appearance of her teeth.

The fact is that, when you vomit, you are exposing your throat and mouth to harsh digestive acids. While the occasional stomach bug may not have a noticeable impact on your oral health, a regular habit of vomiting is going to quickly erode your tooth enamel, your sensitive gums, and the lining of your esophagus. This invites serious tooth decay and periodontal problems, which explains why so many bulimics are missing teeth. Our Federal Way dentistry clinic encourages patients to make the right choice for their health and appearance, and never induce vomiting when it is not necessary.

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