Caring for Teeth While Wearing Braces

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Braces can make your normal brushing routine difficult. Wire braces give food particles and bacteria more places to hide from your toothbrush, making good oral hygiene all the more essential. You may also want to schedule additional regular appointments with our Federal Way dentistry clinic for the duration of your braces.

If you have braces that can be easily removed, you should always take them out before eating. If your braces cannot be taken out, it is best to entirely avoid foods that will stick to or damage them. Hard, gummy, and chewy candies are right out, as is popcorn and gum. It’s best to stay away from soda and sugary juices as well.

Some pain is to be expected as your teeth adjust to the braces. Simple painkillers should be enough to help you cope under normal circumstances. However, you should be on the lookout for any poking or scratching sensations in your mouth that may be the result of a broken set of braces; damaged braces should be reported to your orthodontist as quickly as possible.

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