Don’t Wait Until You are Feeling Pain!

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Preventive Care

There is an unfortunately common idea out there that you don’t need to go to the dentist if you’re not feeling any pain. If there is one thing that our Federal Way Dentistry clinic wishes to impress on you, it’s that there is really no way of knowing whether or not you are suffering tooth decay unless you maintain a proper dental check-up schedule. Putting it off until your teeth actually start to hurt is a dangerous practice that can lead to serious, costly damage.

What you need to realize about tooth decay is that it can get pretty far into your teeth before it hits anything that can feel pain. You have a cavity the moment your oral bacteria manages to make a tiny hole in the razor-thin enamel at the surface of your tooth. Once this happens, it’s still free to dig through the tough, rigid dentin of your tooth before it reaches the soft pulp at the middle. This is the first time it interacts with one of your nerves and, once it reaches this point, you’re looking at a root canal.

Only by catching a cavity before it gets this far can you spare the tooth with a simple filling. And so, armed with this knowledge, be sure to come into Bella Dental in Federal Way every six months to give your teeth the proper check-up they need.

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