Gum Disease May Lead to Prostate Problems

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When you fail to brush and floss, you’re putting yourself at risk of worse things than tooth decay and gum disease. If you’re a man, you may actually be hazarding prostate disease if you let your oral health slip.

Researchers took a look at the potential relationship between prostate cancer and gum disease. To do so, they examined a group of twenty-seven participants who suffered from both moderate to severe gum disease and some form of inflammation in the prostate gland, along with an elevated prostate specific antigen level. These participants spent four to eight weeks getting treatment for their gum disease, but no treatment for their prostate inflammation. After this period, it was found that fully twenty-one of these participants exhibited an improvement in their prostate specific antigen levels. The more severe the inflammation was initially, the better the improvement.

If you, too, have some sort of inflammation in your prostate gland, it can’t hurt to take a look at your gums. Make an appointment with our Federal Way dentistry clinic to help manage any gum disease you may be experiencing.

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