Is Honey Safe for Your Teeth?

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If you’re looking for an alternative to conventional refined sugars as a sweetener, honey offers quite a few advantages. Unfortunately, these advantages do not extend to your oral health. If you are using honey with the hopes that it will put you at less of a risk of tooth decay, you’re going to be disappointed.

Indeed, honey has the same ability to rot your teeth as refined cane sugars. About 82% of honey is sugar, which adds up to seventeen grams of sugar in a single tablespoon. These sugars come in the form of natural glucose and fructose, which has certain benefits, but still feeds your oral bacteria and allows it to produce the acid that causes tooth decay and gum disease. Further, the sticky nature of honey allows it to linger on your teeth for a longer period than many sugars might, causing further decay.

So, when you eat with honey, be sure to treat it with the same level of caution that you would any other sugary snack. Enjoy it in moderation, and don’t coat your baby’s pacifier in it. Consult our Federal Way dentistry clinic to learn more.

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