On the Lookout for Bruxism

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Have you ever heard the word “bruxism” before? Chances are good that you’re aware of the condition, even if you don’t know it by its proper name. This is the technical term that our Federal Way family dentistry uses to describe chronic tooth-grinding.

Not only is grinding an irritating and generally painful habit to get into, but it also spells bad news for the health of your teeth and jaw. To make matters worse, you might not even be aware that you have bruxism. Keep an eye out for these signs of bruxism, and you could be saving yourself from some disastrous dental problems:

Since a lot of grinding occurs while you sleep, you might be able to ask your spouse or roommate if they hear you grinding during the night. You might also find yourself waking up with headaches or a sore jaw every morning. If the grinding goes on for too long, you might notice that the top surfaces of your teeth are getting worn down, or even chipped. Get to your dentist right away if you discover bruxism, and we can help you to prevent further damage to your teeth.

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