Is Your Tea Giving You Cancer?

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There are many good reasons to drink tea. Most varieties of tea have valuable health benefits, including reduced stress, antioxidants, and a decreased risk of cancer. With this in mind, it may therefore come as a surprise that your tea may also be increasing your throat cancer risk.

Studies conducted on esophageal cancer patients determined that those who said that they regularly drank more than a litre of hot black tea were more likely to contact the disease. It would seem that the high temperature of the tea is the detrimental factor here; tea of above sixty five degrees seems to put you at a substantially greater risk, while tea of over seventy degrees is even worse.

The good news is that you don’t need to cut down on your tea drinking to keep your throat healthy. By allowing your tea to sit for a minimum of four minutes after boiling the water, you can generally expect it to fall below the important sixty degree mark. Meanwhile, get your regular cleanings at our Federal Way dentistry clinic, and you should enjoy a low risk of oral cancer.

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