The Five Types of Tooth

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There are five different types of tooth in your mouth, each one of which has a special job.

  • Incisors: These are the eight teeth at the very front of your mouth. Flat and scissor-like, these teeth are used to bite off pieces of your food.
  • Canines: You have four of these teeth. They are your “fangs”, the sharpest teeth in your set. It is their job to rip and tear, making them instrumental for eating meat and similarly tough foods.
  • Premolars: Also known as bicuspids, there are four of these teeth in your mouth. They serve to chew and grind your food.
  • Molars: Similar to the premolars, the molars are responsible for chewing and grinding. They are bigger than your premolars, and do more of the work.
  • Third Molars: These are the wisdom teeth. You may have anywhere from zero to four of these. They can serve the same function as your molars, but they frequently need to be removed so that they don’t overcrowd your other teeth.

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