What is Pulp Therapy?

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When you look at your teeth, all you’re seeing is the sturdy, bone-like part. However, inside this thick white structure, there is a node of soft, fleshy tissue. This is what dentists call the pulp of the tooth. It is from this pulp that the tooth derives its nutrients and is kept healthy. When the pulp is threatened by disease, it’s up to your dentist to save it with pulp therapy.

You may need to have pulp therapy if you have a severe cavity or suffer trauma to the teeth. Whenever the outer structure of the tooth breaks enough so that bacteria can infect the delicate pulp inside, you need to address it before the tooth can die. Pulp therapy involves going into the damaged tooth, removing any diseased tissue, purging the infection, and then sealing up the break. For more information on pulp therapy, consult our Federal Way dentistry clinic.

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