Whole Grains Prevent Periodontitis

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Everybody knows that whole grains are good for your body. They can help to reduce your cholesterol, manage your blood sugar, and more. Further, they may also help you to facilitate good oral health.

According to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, a study demonstrated that a diet rich in whole grains serves to prevent periodontitis. People who get at least three servings of such grains every day are roughly 23% less likely to suffer from this disease, compared to those who eat less than one serving. The theory is that, as whole grains facilitate your ability to metabolize glucose, eating them results in a lower blood glucose level. Since the sugar in your blood can reach your mouth, lower blood sugar means less food for your oral bacteria.

You can enjoy these benefits with just three or four slices of whole wheat bread a day. Brown rice, oats, and even popcorn can also help. For more help on maintaining proper oral health, talk to our Federal Way dentistry clinic.

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