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Our Federal Way dentistry clinic is committed to providing you with the best in general and cosmetic dental care that you and your loved ones deserve. Read More

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Getting your regular dental cleaning from our Federal Way dentist is one of the most important parts of keeping your mouth healthy.

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From cavities to tooth decay, our Federal Way dentist can help fix nearly any ailment your mouth is facing.

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Everyone’s teeth gradually lose their sparkle over time. We can help, whether it’s teeth whitening, porcelain veneers or more.

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Dental Care by Age

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Some people ask our Federal Way dentist about when they should bring their children in for their first dental visit. The fact is that dental care starts almost immediately. Even before your child’s primary teeth are visible, the choices you make can affect his or her smile for many years to come.

Your child’s primary teeth may not last long, but they’re just as important to take care of as the permanent teeth that will eventually replace them. After all, these are the teeth that your child uses to learn how to chew, develop proper speech patterns, and cultivate healthy self-esteem. Meanwhile, children who learn good oral care habits at a young age are significantly more likely to retain these habits into adulthood.

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Your teen and pre-teen years are an important stage in your dental health. This is the time when you’re getting a full set of permanent teeth, and suddenly you’re playing for keeps with every brushing and flossing. Take the advice of our Federal Way dentist, and you should develop the right habits in order to hang on to your teeth throughout the rest of a long and healthy life.

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When you’re taking care of yourself for the first time, your priorities change. Whether it’s because of anxiety, money issues, or just plain old apathy, many adults neglect their regular dental visits when they first move away from home. However, or Federal Way dentist wishes to remind you that tooth decay doesn’t take time off; if you don’t take it upon yourself to maintain proper dental care, then you’re inviting serious problems down the line.

One of the most important points we can impress upon you is that you’re not necessarily free of tooth decay just because you don’t feel any pain. You generally won’t feel a cavity until it’s time for a root canal, which is why the only way to detect them before they go too far is to keep up your regular dentist appointments.

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In many ways, getting older no longer means that you necessarily have to age all that much. With the help of our Federal Way dentistry clinic, for example, there’s no reason that you can’t hang on to your natural teeth throughout middle age and well into your golden years!

The unfortunate truth is that the average adult between the age of twenty and sixty-four has at least three decayed or missing teeth. Though there was a time not too long ago where this was considered an inevitable part of aging, proper dental care should easily be enough to save you from such damage. Keep up your brushing routine, keep up your flossing, and always remember to see your dentist once every six months.

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Your health care tends to become more of a concern as you advance in years, and good health starts with good teeth. Our Federal Way dentist can help you to maintain a healthy mouth which, by extension, can also do wonders to prevent many of the worse problems associated with old age.

Dental care is more of a concern during your golden years, as many people begin to suffer from dry mouth. This is a condition that can be brought on by many different forces, including certain medications, treatments, or ailments that you may be afflicted with. When your mouth goes dry, it loses much of its ability to battle tooth decay and gum disease. You therefore need to take greater measures to keep your teeth cleaned.

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If you’re pregnant, allow our Federal Way dentist office be among the first to offer you congratulations. And while we’re at it, allow us to remind you of the important ramifications that pregnancy has on your dental care. You will want to take particular care during the next nine months to assure that your child and your teeth both make it through happy and healthy.

If possible, it’s a good idea to alert your dentist before you get pregnant. After all, there are dental procedures that are best avoided during much of your pregnancy. If you are due for a dental x-ray, you will want to get it done before you become pregnant. Even a routine cleaning should be planned around your pregnancy, preferably avoiding the first and third trimester.

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