The Emergence of Test Tube Teeth

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There are a lot of options available in the modern dental world for people who lose one of their permanent teeth. Implants, dentures, bridgework, each of these are great ways to plug the hole in your smile and give you back the strength and functionality you had before. However, in the near future, facilities like our Federal Way dentistry clinic may be able to plug one of your own teeth back into your head.

Though the science is yet a little immature, a London-based group has had some success in growing new teeth from stem cells. Using this technology, a dentist may be able to take some of your own stem cells, grow a new tooth, and implant it into your mouth. There the tooth can take on blood and grow and develop just like one of your original teeth, without any of the problems associated with an artificial tooth. Though further research is needed before the technique is ready for use on humans, we are all excited to see where this science may take the future of dental care.

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