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Is it as Good as Gold or Silver?

Those fillings that are identical to the natural color of teeth are called composite resins. They are incredibly strong and durable, able to bear the stresses applied daily on teeth. They are insoluble and easy to manipulate, and best of all, no one will guess that you’ve had a restoration for they mimic the color of your teeth.

These tooth-colored fillings have been compared to silver-mercury amalgam, still being used these days, though sparingly, but whose strength and staying power are legendary. In aesthetics, composites are far superior to amalgam, coming in various shade models to match existing teeth color. Composites, unlike amalgam, spares the tooth from further drilling and removal of normal structure just to fit in. Composites bond excellently with tooth material; they have versatile applications and the added value of safety, for they don’t involve mercury.

But do they last as long as amalgam fillings? Since no filling lasts for all time, composite restoration’s longevity is comparable to amalgam’s depending on dentist’s skills and techniques, type and location of tooth concerned and certain patient characteristics.

Natural Smile Anytime

Federal Way dentistry goes for natural, same-colored tooth fillings, as more and more patients opt for that natural look. We, at Bella Dental, will still use amalgam restorations where absolutely necessary for a patient’s situation. Composites may be costlier than silver fillings, though, because of the time requirement and technique in preparation and application. But if you prefer that seamless look in your front or back teeth, composites are the way to go.

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