Implants: Places for Missing Teeth

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Are Dental Implants for Every Missing Tooth?

An artificial root that is embedded into an empty space between teeth is an implant; it holds a replacement tooth or a tooth that is part of a bridge to occupy that space. Implants are necessary options to replace teeth that have been lost. But implants are not for all empty spaces in the dental arch. It depends on the health of mouth tissues, the amount of stress it will receive, and the chances of successful integration between the implant and the bone structure. Good planning and positioning contribute to a long lifespan of the dental implant.

A good candidate for an implant are healthy gums with no periodontal disease. This condition can support one, to several , to all missing teeth in which case a full denture can replace all the missing dentition. If there is not enough bone structure or bone is too soft, a bone graft can be done; If there is not enough gum tissue, a soft tissue graft. Implants are non-removable and are not anchored to other teeth which make them highly stable in the mouth.

Do I need an Expert to do My Implants?

You can find such a dentist in Federal Way, here at Bella Dental, whose expertise is dental implants. The procedure may look daunting to you but our expert’s knowledge and experience should be able to put you at ease. Our Federal Way dentist will still remind you about meticulous oral hygiene and regular dental appointments. You will also be advised to avoid chewing on hard foods or objects particular to dental implants.

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