What is Lichen Planus?

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Do you have a series of red, shiny bumps or a white, lacy rash on the surface of your tongue or the inside of your cheeks? It may be a condition known as oral lichen planus. Though the causes of this condition are not well understood, it generally does not call for treatment in its milder form. However, if it gets severe, it can represent a risk for oral cancer and it may be necessary to bring it to the attention of our Federal Way dentistry clinic.

The symptoms of lichen planus include a sore feeling in your mouth, sometimes coupled with blisters or ulcers. Spicy and acidic foods can aggravate your symptoms, so it is best to avoid such items until it runs its course. In the event that you require medical treatment, it will generally consist of a corticosteroid cream, though certain cases call for an immunosuppressant.

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