When Should I Pull Out My Child’s Loose Tooth?

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So, your child’s baby teeth are starting to come out. Should you get in there and yank them before they stick around too long? This is an important issue when it comes to your child’s oral health, and our Federal Way dentistry clinic advises that you should generally allow the teeth to come out on their own.

First of all, your child’s mouth is a delicate place. Reaching inside his or her mouth and yanking out a tooth before its time will damage the fragile gum tissues. Only your child really knows for sure just how much pain is going along with forcing the tooth out, and he or she should therefore be allowed to make the call.

One concern that parents have in this situation is preventing the child from swallowing the tooth. This can happen from time to time, but it’s not something to worry about. A tooth can pass from your child’s system harmlessly. Ultimately, you should really only worry about removing a loose tooth if the permanent tooth starts to come in underneath it; at this point, there may be some risk of the permanent tooth coming in crooked, and you might want to bring a stubborn baby tooth to the attention of your dentist.

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