A Cleaner Tongue Means Stronger Tastes!

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You probably already know that tongue-scraping is an important part of your daily dental hygiene. Failing to clear away the plaque and detritus that gathers on your tongue is a good way to invite tooth decay and gum disease upon yourself. And, in case this is not enough to motivate you to get a proper tongue scraper, also consider the additional benefits that tongue scraping has for your dining experience.

When you neglect to scrape your tongue, your taste buds aren’t able to do their job. You’re tasting your food through a thick layer of plaque. Blocked taste buds also bring about false cravings and a reduced ability to enjoy your food. It is only by regularly cleaning your tongue that you can properly enjoy all of your favorite dishes.

Consult our Federal Way dentistry clinic to learn more about proper tongue scraping.

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