Athletes and Tooth Decay

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Athletes are known to be models of good health. Through their rigorous fitness regimens, they maintain stellar circulatory systems, toned muscles, and… bad teeth? Indeed, if you or someone you know is an avid athlete, our Federal Way dentistry clinic advises that you be aware of the effect an athletic lifestyle can have on your dental hygiene.

At the London 2012 Olympics, it was found that nearly a fifth of the athletes were suffering from some form of dental problem. From toothaches to bleeding gums, the games were plagued with oral decay. At times, these problems threatened to jeopardize an athlete’s ability to compete.

So, what’s causing such an epidemic amid our athletic population? Part of it is the athlete’s diet. Many fitness buffs dine heavily on carbohydrates and sports drinks, both of which are creating a feeding frenzy for the bacteria in your mouth. Secondly, an athlete tends to become dehydrated during a workout, which fosters dry mouth and encourages the growth of microbes. Aspiring Olympians would therefore do well to drink water instead of sugary sports drinks, and never neglect their routine dental examinations while they are training.

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