Bioactive Glass May Improve on Dental Fillings

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Bioactive glass is a special material made from crushed glass that doctors have been using for many years now. This glass is known to be able to interact with organic material; the cells in your body react to its presence as it might react to a natural part of your body. When used to repair broken bones, the bones are able to remain stronger for longer periods of time.

Recently, a research team has been exploring the potential for bioactive glass to be used in the dentistry field. Its bioactive properties, combined with its antibacterial properties, have a lot to offer as a dental filling. According to their study, fillings made with such glass can last longer and slow secondary tooth decay.

In the future, it could be a simple matter to incorporate this glass into existing dental filling compounds. Patients may be able to benefit from bioactive fillings within the next few years. Until such a time, you can count on our Federal Way dentistry clinic to give you the best in restorative dental care.

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