Canker Sores

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What are canker sores? How do you get them, and how do you get rid of them? The answers are never easy, because nobody is entirely sure what causes these sores. However, if the pain is bothering you, your Federal Way Dentistry recommends these measures to combat these little nuisances.

Canker sores are usually attributed to an irritation of the sensitive tissues of the mouth. Protecting these areas from anything that might poke, burn, or otherwise aggravate them is a good first step. You might want to avoid hot or acidic foods, and cut back on gum or anything else that subjects your mouth to needless chewing.

The pain from a canker sore should go away after a few days, and the sore should be completely gone within a couple of weeks. If it persists longer, or if it is a particularly large or painful sore, then you might need dental help.

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