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Is Your Toothpaste Healthy?

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Ideally, you should be brushing your teeth approximately seven hundred times a year. Over this time, the small amounts of toothpaste that you swallow are going to add up. With this in mind, it can be important to be mindful of the harmful substances that might be hiding in your paste. Here is a list of the common ingredients you might want to look out for:

  • Blue Dye No. 2: It is believed that this artificial color may be related to learning and behavioral issues, as well as some allergies.
  • Triclosan: The effects of this substance are not fully understood, but the Environmental Protection Agency says that more research is required.
  • Sodium Lauryl Sulfate: This chemical is aggravating to the skin and delicate gum tissues, bringing about irritation and canker sores.
  • Hydrated Silica: A common abrasive, too much hydrated silica can wear down your enamel.

If you need help choosing a good toothpaste for your needs, consult our Federal Way dentistry clinic.

Are Pickles Rotting Your Teeth?

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Everybody knows that sugary foods like soda and candy will rot your teeth. However, this is not the end of the story. There are some foods that most people wouldn’t expect to be harsh on their tooth enamel, one of the more surprising of these being pickled foods.

This is according to a study conducted in 2004, wherein British researchers examined the eating habits of a cross section of teenagers. The results showed that it was the pickles eaten by many British youths that were responsible for their excessive tooth wear. The vinegar and other highly acidic substances used in the pickling process is apparently hard on your enamel, leaving it vulnerable to decay in the same way that the acids of your oral bacteria do.

Fortunately, this is only going to be a problem if you are in the habit of eating a significant number of pickles more than once a day. So long as you are mindful of your dining habits and get your regular cleanings at our Federal Way dentistry clinic, you should be able to enjoy your favorite pickled foods while maintaining good oral health.

The Five Types of Tooth

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There are five different types of tooth in your mouth, each one of which has a special job.

  • Incisors: These are the eight teeth at the very front of your mouth. Flat and scissor-like, these teeth are used to bite off pieces of your food.
  • Canines: You have four of these teeth. They are your “fangs”, the sharpest teeth in your set. It is their job to rip and tear, making them instrumental for eating meat and similarly tough foods.
  • Premolars: Also known as bicuspids, there are four of these teeth in your mouth. They serve to chew and grind your food.
  • Molars: Similar to the premolars, the molars are responsible for chewing and grinding. They are bigger than your premolars, and do more of the work.
  • Third Molars: These are the wisdom teeth. You may have anywhere from zero to four of these. They can serve the same function as your molars, but they frequently need to be removed so that they don’t overcrowd your other teeth.

You can talk to our Federal Way dentistry clinic to learn more about your teeth and how to properly care for them.

Could Magnets Manage My Pain?

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Chronic dental pain can agony, and many people are willing to try anything to find relief. One alternative option that many people will explore is magnet therapy. Under this practice, powerful magnets are worn in key places to dull pain and promote healing. But is the science sound, or is it just another dose of snake oil?

The unfortunate truth is that it is difficult to say just how much magnets have to offer. It isn’t entirely absurd to think that magnets may be able to affect your health, as magnetic fields run through the body. However, some of the claims made by magnet therapists don’t hold up to scrutiny. It is claimed by some that the magnets act upon the iron in your blood, but this iron is not in a state where it will react to magnetism.

If you are struggling with dental pain, talk to our Federal Way dentistry clinic.

Heat and Cold vs. Your Mouth

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If you’re like many people, a lot of your favorite foods are served either piping hot or ice cold. A fresh pizza, a bowl of ice cream, a bucket of fried food, or an icy pitcher of beer, these are high on the list of many of the patients at our Federal Way dentistry office. Though these are delicious, the extreme temperatures of such foods are not doing much good for your mouth.

Particularly hot or very cold foods and beverages are hard on the fragile tissues of your gums. They can damage these tissues and prevent them from repairing themselves. This is all the more true if you are in the habit of consuming hot and cold items in quick succession. Take care in planning your meals, and you can avoid damaging your gums and developing sensitivity to temperature extremes.

Removing Objects from Between Your Teeth

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You will periodically get something stuck between your teeth that is more difficult to clean out than the average bit of broccoli or corn husk. It’s a particular problem for people who have large gaps between some of their teeth. This is generally a very simple dental problem to overcome, but it is important that you do it right if you want to keep it from leading to more significant problems.

The mistake that people will often make is trying to dislodge a stuck item with a sharp object. Such objects can frequently do more harm than good. Not only do you risk irritating your delicate gum tissues, but you are also likely to scratch away some of your thin tooth enamel. If you have a stubborn item stuck between your teeth that you can’t extract with ordinary floss, it may be necessary to call our Federal Way dentistry office.

What is Lichen Planus?

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Do you have a series of red, shiny bumps or a white, lacy rash on the surface of your tongue or the inside of your cheeks? It may be a condition known as oral lichen planus. Though the causes of this condition are not well understood, it generally does not call for treatment in its milder form. However, if it gets severe, it can represent a risk for oral cancer and it may be necessary to bring it to the attention of our Federal Way dentistry clinic.

The symptoms of lichen planus include a sore feeling in your mouth, sometimes coupled with blisters or ulcers. Spicy and acidic foods can aggravate your symptoms, so it is best to avoid such items until it runs its course. In the event that you require medical treatment, it will generally consist of a corticosteroid cream, though certain cases call for an immunosuppressant.

Warning Signs of Fractured Teeth

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When your tooth fractures, it can frequently invite serious decay and, if left untreated for too long, it call for a root canal. Unfortunately, it is entirely possible to have a fractured tooth without realizing it for an extended period of time. Fractured teeth can feel entirely normal to the touch, and you might not notice any symptoms until the pulp of your tooth becomes infected. Stay on the lookout for a fractured tooth by remaining mindful of the following warning signs:

  • Erratic pain that accompanies chewing.
  • Pain, swelling, or pocketing in the gums.
  • Pain that results from changes in temperature, particularly cold temperatures.
  • A rough or sharp feeling on one of your teeth.

If you think that you might have a fractured tooth, it is important that you bring it to our Federal Way dentistry clinic before the damage can progress too far.

What is Burning Mouth Syndrome?

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Do you ever experience a burning sensation on the inside of your mouth or on your tongue? This is a condition known as burning mouth syndrome, and sometimes burning tongue syndrome. It is often paired with symptoms of dry mouth or a metallic taste, and can be made worse by eating hot or spicy foods. Causes of burning mouth syndrome are many, and can include a vitamin B12 deficiency, menopause, yeast infections in the mouth, or irritation caused by dentures or similar objects.

If you are experiencing burning mouth syndrome, consult your dentist at Bella Dental’s Federal Way dentistry clinic to better understand your problem and discuss possible solutions.

Asthma’s Effect on Your Oral Health

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If you suffer from asthma, you should put special focus on your oral health. This condition leaves you significantly more susceptible to tooth decay, mostly due to its tendency to cause your mouth to dry out. Many people with asthma will get in the habit of breathing through the mouth, and the asthma medication they take often dries out your mouth all the more. Because saliva plays a valuable role in cleaning your teeth and gums of harmful microbes, a dry mouth encourages infections and decay.

Be sure to tell our Federal Way dentistry clinic if you suffer from asthma, particularly if you also experience dental anxiety. If we know about your difficulties, we can take special measures to keep you more comfortable and prevent an asthma attack during your dental visits.

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