Do Americans Really Have Better Teeth?

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The stereotype of the crooked British smile has been around for many years, largely driven by the appearance of some prominent figures. But how accurate is this stereotype?

Until now, there has not been much in the way of scientific evidence either supporting or refuting our image of our neighbors across the pond. A recent study took a close look at the mouths of a selection of British and American participants, counting the number of missing teeth that the average citizen of either country had. The results were that Americans, on average, were missing more teeth than their British counterparts. The study did not look into any other aspects of dental health, including orthodontic needs. However, it would seem that dental care in the United States is falling somewhat short. Some are attributing this to the more comprehensive welfare policies that the English enjoy, which accounts for the fact that it’s largely people from the lower socioeconomic position in the United States who exhibited the most missing teeth.

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