Dry Mouth vs. Your Face

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There are many good reasons to treat your dry mouth, most of the having to do with your oral health. Unfortunately, the story doesn’t end there. When your mouth dries out, the surrounding skin on your face is similarly going to be deprived of the moisture it needs to stay healthy and look youthful. If you are suffering from dry mouth, you may notice extra wrinkles and cracks around your lips, as well as a fair amount of chapping.

Further, if you were hoping to mask these wrinkles with a little extra lipstick, you’re out of luck. People struggling with dry mouth have a reduced ability to flush away stains on their teeth. This means that, when your lipstick gets on your teeth, you may be stuck with red marks on your grin until you get a chance to brush again. So, for the sake of both your health and your appearance, be sure to consult our Federal Way dentistry clinic to deal with your dry mouth.

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