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Can my favorite food stain my teeth?

Some food and drinks leave stains behind – on your tongue, including your teeth. Your dentist can very well tell your eating habits and food preferences by simple oral examination. If your teeth aren’t as white as they used to be, you might want to take a closer look at what you put inside your mouth.

As one ages, the outer enamel of teeth develop very fine lines across the surfaces, very much like lines on maturing facial skin. Stains tend to burrow into these depressions and over time, simple brushing just won’t do. Certain foods like berries contain pigments that stay behind.

Red wine, tea, coffee, and all sodas cause discoloration; the same with tomato sauce, beets, curry, as well as soy sauce and balsamic vinegar. They also have acids that bathe teeth and cause the enamel to soften and become brittle, and hence, attract more pigments to stick to them.

Is there some way to both enjoy your favorites and at the same time protect your pearly whites?

Federal Way Dentistry says…

Don’t leave remnants behind. Brush with toothpaste right away. If that is not possible, drink lots of water to keep the mouth hydrated. Rinse or use a gargle, just don’t let the smell or taste linger in the mouth. All these are proactive tips to keep your whites stay white. Also, stay faithful to your dental appointments to maintain that bright healthy smile all year round.
As far as teeth already stained or discolored, your best bet is to drop by your Federal Way dentist at Bella Dental for an in-office teeth whitening. We use the best whitening products combined with technology to give you back that confident smile.

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