Periodontitis and Chronic Kidney Disease

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Patients suffering from chronic kidney disease should take even more care of their teeth than they otherwise might. According to a study coming out of the University of Birmingham in the UK, people struggling with both kidney disease and periodontitis have a greater risk of death, compared to those who have chronic kidney disease and healthy gums.

In this study, 861 chronic kidney disease patients were examined over the course of ten years. The team determined the cause of death for any who expired during this period, finding that the mortality rate of those who exhibited periodontitis was 41%, opposed to the 32% observed in the group with healthy gums.

It’s no mystery that your oral health has a close relationship to the rest of your health. The bacteria that thrives in your gums when you suffer from periodontitis enters your bloodstream and can aggravate your kidney disease. Since you may even have gum disease without realizing it, be sure to keep your regular check-ups with our Federal Way dentistry clinic.

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